Legends Ranch Reservation & Venue Requirements

What are the Reservations requirements to reserve my Wedding or Event date?

  •  A non-refundable Retainer Deposit of one-half of your Venue Donation reserves the Venue space ONLY for the Event day in CASH or CHECK only.
  •  Please refer to our statement of faith and related ministry documents.

What are the due dates for the Venue Reservation?

  • The Venue Donation balance & Security Cleaning Deposit is due 60 days prior to the event date.
  • The 10% Food/Cake UpCharge, if choosing outside food and cake vendors, are due 30 days prior to the event date.
  • Parties will contract directly with our vendor teams or their chosen vendors for furnishings, decor, floral, DJ, photographer, officiant etc.

What does the Venue Donation include?

  • Sprawling Rustic Estate with Country Elegance featuring 6 outdoor areas for Ceremony & Cocktail locations & 2 outdoor areas for reception locations.
  • All day Access.  Exterior Venue access for Vendors from 8am to 11pm.  Interior Venue access for Bridal party  from 12 noon to 10pm.
  • Air conditioned spacious Bridal Suite, Groom Room, Guest Parlor and Vendor Room with fridge & tabletops, storage space in barn if needed.
  • Charming Interior Guest Restrooms, Exterior Stage, Electrical outlets, Surround Lighting, Disposal Receptacles, Hay bales, barrels, misc western decor.
  • Parking for 75+ vehicles, limo access, shuttles & taxis are welcome.

Can I chose my own Catering, Liquor and Event Vendors?

  • For Food & Cake Catering, we welcome outside licensed, insured vendor(s). A outside Food & Cake vendor will result in a 10% up charge on the food costs.
  • Choose our Venue Food Catering, who can meet most budgets, and parties do not incur the outside Food/Cake 10% up charge. See our vendor referrals.
  • For Liquor Catering parties must contract with our Venue’s Nevada licensed liquor caterer. Parties cannot purchase their own alcohol to serve.
  • All other Event vendors such as Decor, Floral, Furnishings, Lighting, DJ, Photographer etc. are welcome with no Up Charges.

How many guests can be accommodated in the popular Venue areas?

  • The Sunken Garden Courtyard accommodates up to 150 guests for a Reception and up to 300 guests for a Ceremony
  • The Upper Gravel Commons area accommodates up to 500 guests.
  • There are 6 different outdoor Ceremony locations to choose from and 2 outdoor reception locations to choose from.

Can the Venue be rented to rehearse prior to my event?

  • If the venue remains available prior to your event, parties can rehearse for $100 an hour for a 2 hour minimum.

What type of Venue lighting is available?

  • Full Surround lighting .. for Bistro lighting over your chosen reception space, our lighting Vendors can string bright ambiance!   See our vendor referrals.

What time does the music have to end?

  • Music must stop at 10pm (parties may opt to start their program earlier for longer entertainment). All guests are to be vacated by 11pm.

Are there Musical restrictions on what types of music can be played?

  • Cultural music genres are welcome! However foul language, elicit content, or heavy metal type (screaming) are not allowed.

Is the Venue handicap accessible?

  • The exterior venue offers a ramp for wheelchair accessibility to access the sunken courtyard.

Are children welcome and are they considered in the guest count?

  • Children are welcome and considered in the guest count if they are old enough to walk.

Do parties need to purchase their own Event Insurance?

  • 1 million policy for general liability event insurance is required  from any Insurance carrier or The Event Helper for a quick quote, see vendor referrals.

Is a day coordinator or wedding planner necessary to coordinate working with vendors and tying all the details together?

  • We highly recommend parties hire an Event Planner, Day of Coordinator (DOC) or their own Event Rep to oversee Wedding Day details.
  • The Planner will handle all your Planning desires & details from start to finish… The coordinator ties all your choices together 4 weeks from your Event.
  • Planning is important!  The bridal party is relieved of having to coordinate any final details, guest count changes, as the big moment nears!

What about in climate weather?

  • Tents are welcome for in climate weather predictions. Our limited interior space can help along while weather subsides.
  • For long range weather forecasting, visit theweatherwiz.com.

Can an open fire pit be used for ambiance?

  • Yes!  On the Upper Gravel Commons!  They are perfect for cool outdoor evenings, and Legends Ranch offers a Cowboy Cauldron with firewood at N/C!

Are candles or open flames allowed?

  • Candles are welcome if they are electric LED, or may be used in centerpieces if the flame is 4″ below the container.

Is confetti and other party favors allowed?

  • Rice, confetti and pyrotechnics are not allowed, but streamers and sparklers are a great alternative!  The Venue Pool can be accented with floating candles or inflatable lanterns etc.

Is there a refund policy?

  • Date Transfers will be honored with a minimum of 6 months notice.
  • All Venue Retainer Deposits are non-refundable.
  • A 50% refund of the Venue Donation will be offered for an untimely death of the bride or groom.